There has been rising concern on city’s traffic problem, making daily commute nothing less than a task. Wherein all the IT hubs like Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Baner etc. face tremendous hold ups and usually traffic clusters take hours to clear up. Obviously commuters struggle to reach their destinations on time. The counter effect also instigates road rage, risk hazards, mishaps and unpleasant instances. Definitely everything attributes to inconvenience, hampered productivity and mindsets.

While we are all sailing in the same boat here. With our own offices at Kharadi, Pune and team members make daily commute to office from different parts of the city. Our rising concern is safety of our team members and of course our heart goes out for all of us who are part of this daily problem. Yes, one of the solution is to commute during non-peak hours to avoid the hold ups.

But still there another observation that can be noticed and we definitely feel a need to take this initiative to contemplate on possibility wherein what can be done to minimize traffics conditions at least to some level:

  1. Lot of commuters travel by car either solo or with a companion. I guess it could help a great deal if individuals who commute solo in a car could consider a two wheeler instead. As even 20% of folks consider this approach could tangibly reduce traffic in various parts.
  2. Carpooling as far as possible is another good way to curb the situation. Almost all of the IT companies and firms are already encouraging their employees to consider this option
  3. Also, with most of the main roads in the city are under work for Pune metro, so switching from car to bike is a viable option.
  4. While, its understandable that choosing type of vehicle for daily commute is completely individual’s rightful choice. But the idea is to bring a change for better cause wherein the magnitude of benefits will be for all.
  5. It’s not even as much as pleasant experience for car commuters to get held in traffic for hours and not able to reach places on time. We all know it’s pretty frustrating experience.
  6. Lot of commuters are switching to bikes for the obvious advantages. But all-in-all its an appeal/request/suggestion – to specially solo car commuters to consider two wheeler as an option towards the best ability they can. I am sure this will have high magnitude to curb over all traffic condition.

Benefits are :


Quicker commute


Cost saving on fuel


Reduce the traffic condition on macro level


Reaching destinations on time


Minimized frustration that usual occurs in hold ups

time-management (1)

Efficient time management

Feel free to let us know if you agree and if we can collectively bring a change for the people and by the people.
After all, being the change is the best way to witness the change.
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