Although this can be a very detailed subject for discussion as this subject matter has high level of complexity with numerous organics that come into play. However, let’s try to hover a little on this topic, and explore the backdrop to begin with, at least to approach and identify..

Business is indeed a comprehensive, complicated and competitive undertaking. Newer businesses face even more challenges driven by multiple aspects including internal and external factors. And it is pretty crucial during the shaping years too. Internal aspects can be categorized into multiple facets like: Skillsets Management, Attrition, Functional aspects, Funding, Execution, Market penetration, Portfolio, Project Management, so on and so on so forth the list is endless based on contingencies.

Off course, external factors also has multiple aspects like Competition, Customer Demand, Differentiation, Strategizing, Technological changes etc. But what I wanted to really put forth is a very significant factor that affects as well as augments all of the external and internal impacts either directly or indirectly. An efficient ‘Team’.

At the commencement when a founder or a set of founders puts forth there vision towards entrepreneurship with a business idea as a solutions, products or services. Obviously, it would include getting relevant man-power with relevant skillsets at least to begin along with the other peripheries. Now in business every second thing is a ‘cost’ which consistently pokes questions on revenue generation.

What I am coming to is that, any organization needs a breed of Team, who is extremely passionate, zealous and are believers. It becomes important that the same amount of drive and passion needs to be propagated through the team. By all means it is imperative that it can be said that ‘An Organization is just as good its Team’.

So propagating equal amount of Passion, Patriotism and Belief among the team will directly map down to the vitalities that will nurture business to its objective and sustainability. Now with the more opportunistic settings with the skilled individuals who are driven by monetary ambitions often make these qualities seemingly difficult to expect where there is tremendous amount of job skips resulting in attrition problem that businesses face.

Towards the ground rule: Communication is very important and creating that congruency of motives and ambition with the team can be the first and foremost actionable. Questions like why a resource should trust you? Why should he/she believe? What will loyalty eventually pay up on the counter sacrifice on opportunities, in a situation? What is the bigger picture all about? Yes, these are only few questions but there would be lot more similar branching issues. Pure play of refined leadership and understanding of what one would need, along with a clarity of what organization needs.

Before we even think too much, lets look at the basics towards identifying few aspects on a crude level. While, it always makes sense to have the most matured, skilled and like minded layer of team members on priority. So as to identify and recognize the qualities of your own team members can be influential. A simple observation too can help identify team members, who have characteristics of creating an influence in the informal groups with colleagues or have qualities of having their opinion count in a group settings. Often overlooked but these qualities have tremendous amount of team influence. These are the people who can make the difference by virtue of their belief and would attempt on percolating further to the team. Although a generalized approach, but this does include folks with skilled functional abilities which are directly in-line with your business objective to begin with.

While still a complex task with numerous approaches, but being observant and showing ingenuity towards your vital asset – which is your Team, has by far potential than usually one can fathom. Towards the end of this note. Here are few things that come in my mind when I think of the word ‘Team’:
Share | Communication | Opine | Inspiration | Motivation | Discussion | Compassion | Trust | Resolve | Strength |Cooperation | Appreciation | Leadership | Training | Perceptive | Acceptance | Skill | Comparison | Identification | Support | Will | Performance | Objective | Focus | Adaptability | Commitment | Freedom | Creativity…and most important — An inspiring leader as part of the ‘Team’

If this has been insightful, we invite an opportunity for sharing and listening further thoughts and propagate our cut towards the solution.
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