Better Management of Healthcare Provider side operations MS Dynamics 365 stands to be one of the most promising to attend to multifarious orientation of day to day Healthcare operations


A single unified system to manage multiple Healthcare entities

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacy Department
  • Virtual Office Agents or Service Agents
  • Medical Equipment Company
  • Laboratories

Proactive Patient Engagement

  • Empower your staff to provide associative service
  • Better Organization and Activities Tracking
  • Phone call, Email, Campaign, Tasks, Appointments, Letter and Faxes etc. can be efficiently managed
  • Patient Information Management
  • Process improvement and protocols
  • Patient Engagement Campaigns

Case Management

  • Efficient Case Management to efficiently manage cases with multiple Doctors, Departments and Healthcare Entities
  • D365 Case Management Feature to Track: Better Tracking on all the relevant information and time taken on every activity on cases

Reports & Document Management

  • Advance D365 features specifically manage complex internal/external departmental documentation and reporting requirements
  • Integration with SharePoint library enabling to share reports and documents with users which are not using Dynamics 365
  • Manage sophisticated calculations and flexibility
  • System allows to do lot more than just document management


  • Dynamics 365 can be integrated to work seamlessly with existing system
  • Major integration that Dynamics 365 Supports: SharePoint, Power BI, Outlook, OneNote and Telephonic System
  • Add-on with NSquare’s integration platforms

Field or Onsite Service

  • Dynamics 365 being flexibility and highly productive module, known as Dynamics 365 Field Service which is packed with some top feature like Work Order Management, Resource Scheduling, Case Management


  • Mobility access for ease and prompt insights
  • Dynamics 365 provides a user friendly, easy to use mobile application for windows, Mac, iOS and Android platform with same look and feel of using the system on PC or a Laptop
  • Offline usage and hassle free syncs once the device is online
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