We recently walked you through our ChatBot integration for MS Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365) solution “ChatBots in Dynamics CRM” Here we would like to provide a deeper insight on how it would work as well as the usability quotient.

ChatBots are paving the way for more prompt and relevant information furbishing, making sure prospects/customers get correct, insightful and prompt resolutions. Well, as we know that MS CRM by design provides easy work flows and information capture. But yet rudimentary enquiries as well as more detail enquiries shouldn’t be an overwhelming task on either tracking or data management. Here is where ChatBot integration comes in picture, to provide robust automation for diverse business flows.

There are two major issues that comes under customer support service:

  1. Usually support departments, tend to be consistently busy on different levels of query management. With business growth there comes subsequent increase investment to carry daily activities. Not to mention the impact operation costs.
  2. The CRM is extremely helpful to manage aspects but it also is comprehensive, also might have stringent works flow at times. which can impact response time

To overcome the above issues to name a few, ChatBot as an automation can be a viable option to handle responses and shorten the turnaround time considerably. Let us understand how this will work on integration standpoint:

Lets take an actual implementation scenario, One of our client has e-commerce portal which sells product online. Portal contains mutiple product category & large no of product catalouge they offer. Daily this portal has multiple visitors which buys the product. Buyer has to go from an tedius task of searching, sorting & filtering the product of his interest. Many of the buyer may already know all deatils about the product. Portal has to serve varierty of visitor form first buyer to frequent visitors that why it need to stick with general ordering process. Thats why it need other smart ways of order process like automated ordering chatbot. Lets see how this implemetation work :

Persona : A actual user for this scenario.


User Flow : A actual Bot implementation preview.

If this has been insightful, we invite an opportunity for sharing and listening further thoughts and propagate our cut towards the solution. Feel free to connect, to know further details
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