Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

AI has emerged very well in industries. As we know AI is capable of performing simple as well as complex tasks and solving problems in any type of industry. Just…

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ChatBots in Dynamics CRM

NSquare introduces the integration of ChatBot into the MS Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365). We are excited to give you an overview of how the solution would work and how we…

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Power-BI in Dynamics 365

Using the CRM Connection URL Before you begin, find your CRM connection URL 1. Log-in to your CRM instance, and go to Settings 2. Click Developer Resources 3. At the…

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Custom Fetch XML and Advanced Search

Introducing the fetch query capabilities for generating dashboard and reports using HTML or SSRS reports. We excited to highlight some of the capabilities that fetch xml customization to retrieve data…

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Decision Making Based on KPIs

The other day, I was brainstorming on quantifying data driven reports and determining performance areas, typically in an ordeal to find the touch points to understand and project strategic direction.…

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What’s really killing your marketing initiatives?

Along with market fluctuations and business movements, it is imperative for any business to handle their marketing activities, tracking leads, campaigns etc. with evermore diligence. Needless to say that, how…

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