AR can be definitely considered as perceptive haptic, where it changes the way we interact with the information. Obviously this is the next big thing which opens the door to number of possibilities across multiple domains. Yes, it will be a game changer and indeed it is bringing a change over the conventional learning process. As it promises newer ways and additional perspective in engaging the learning process with ever more indulgence as well as enhancing the comprehension towards more lucidity.
AR technology addresses the key aspects of learning like, generating interest, creativity and interaction. It aids quick learning by virtue of provoking thought process via AR towards more efficient and quality learning.
A common scenario of deploying focused campaign that would run around with high expectation often have tendencies of meager results. It always comes down to strategic fallouts and trigger unnecessary back and forth, while the perpetrator might be something else. Sometimes it’s just important to go whole 9 yards for a maximum squeeze to be conclusive on viability of every strategy, to avoid false strategic fallout. But ‘How we can make sure that we are doing everything?’ Where do we start? Where do we stop? And how do we find out? The answer to which would probably break the allegory – But, if at all it was ever a mystery. The reason might be more rudimentary than intricate. An effective and maximum squash or drill down of every campaign or initiative obviously has potential of better yield and clarity, and yes most importantly new business opportunities, which acts as prima facie for the whole ordeal. While, there are always multiple leaks that feed the detrimental beast that we all despise for our business, it has enough capability to bomb a campaign/initiatives/ideas, in turn impacting the strategy itself, – now this is definitely a high impact, probably more or like a butterfly effect.
It truly brings the school-of-thought ‘visualization’ that often has been a corner stone for either lucid or complex learning processes. This also means it will create better connect for understanding complex mathematical or science related learning, enabling three-dimensional models to support conceptual learning. The possibilities further reaches to use gaming for cognitive skills development. Art galleries, Museums etc. will leverage AR for the patrons to access information via tabs and smartphones either to capture or to find out more information on the artifacts etc.
Right from AR apps for medical students to learn human anatomy and complex organ functions, 3D modelling animated interface will provide enhanced learning possibilities. We are also talking about simulation based learning which again further adds a total new dimension to perceive, understand and process information. AR will successfully help trainers/faculties as an interaction tool to aid teaching, wherein students will be able to work with virtual practice, augmented tutorials, simulations etc. to their advantage. As we contemplate AR technology, it is tip of the iceberg yet. However, AR is future defining, as we start grasping the potential and the real magnitude of tremendous technological triumph that it will achieve in almost all fields in near future.
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