AI has emerged very well in industries. As we know AI is capable of performing simple as well as complex tasks and solving problems in any type of industry. Just take an example of Healthcare industry. AI is undoubtedly changing healthcare by improving the throughput. Researchers suggesting that global health IT market will be touching $224 billion by the end of 2023, in which AI and Machine Learning are playing major roles. Though AI is being praised for growth in all industries, AI in healthcare vertical is still in its early stage. We are amazed by how new technologies are improving industries so we are looking forward to healthcare industry trends which are as follows.

1. IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

By 2021 IoT based worldwide healthcare market will reach $140 billion.
•  Better drug management
•  Better diagnosis and treatment
•  Enhanced remote monitoring of chronic health condition
•  Enhanced patient satisfaction

2. Chatbot

Chatbots are creating lot of buzz in every industry. Although healthcare industry is not fully adopted AI chatbots.
Chatbots are cost saver but it can cater other features as well like it can be act as doctor’s appointment scheduler, patient monitoring and updating nurses with health condition alerts along with monitoring it, basic medical instructions can be given directly to patients which will benefit them for getting best possible treatment. So we can hope chatbots can play key role in healthcare industry in upcoming days.

3. Telemedicine

From past few decades we are using Telemedicine in many ways as there is huge digital transformation. In this practice healthcare participants can estimate, determine and treat patients with the help of phones and computers to provide medical services over long distance. In the field of mental healthcare, telemedicine having huge success. Patients can call therapist for emotional support and treatment.

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing made another revolution in healthcare sector. Patients can schedule doctor’s appointment without waiting, can easily get to know about their reports via cloud. Nowadays all health records are kept in the cloud so patient can have access to reports any time.

5. Wearables

Sometimes people find it awkward to visit clinics, pathology labs for getting blood test, weight check and other medical check-ups. To overcome this situation AI providing way more comfortable and convenient option. Even a smartphone which have healthcare application can perform medical tests like blood test, ECG, etc. This automation is also benefitted to patients to receive prompts of their routine medical check-ups.Overall healthcare sector will see great changes in year of 2019. New trends and technologies can bring huge change in patient experience by providing automated all time assistance. Let’s see what upcoming technology trends can bring new for healthcare sector.

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