As we know technology become more powerful day by day as it evolves. Artificial intelligence technology in today’s world allow robots and computers to think for themselves to the bigger dimensions. Here are few benefits of using artificial intelligence in healthcare:

1. Accurate and fast diagnosis

In AI, the neural network test the ability to learn from previous cases. So its scientifically proven that these networks can diagnose accurately and fast in eye problems, cancer tumors etc.

2. Human error reduction

Medical Profession is a bit sensitive which need care should be taken of each and every patient. Due to increasing number of patients its becoming difficult for doctors to keep attention to each patient and knowledge about their disease. Sometimes negligence, human error can be threat to patient’s safety. To avoid this AI can assist doctors by eliminating human errors and relieving them from tedious monotonous tasks.

3. Cost Reduction

AI assistants can provide online care and assist patients to add their related data on regular intervals via online medical records. Patients can get assistance without need of visiting clinics which is very cost effective and can be reached to remote areas.

4. Drug Production

It takes decades and loads of money for developing pharmaceuticals through clinical trials. To speed up and make cost effective this process, AI can play a major role. Atomwise- company which used AI powered program to scan existing medicines, which found two drugs that can be used to minimize Ebola infectivity. The process of analysis, which would have taken months, was accomplished within 24 hours. With this efficiency in drug production can save thousands of lives.

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